New Locations for Two Naples Favorites: Lake Park Diner and Seventh South

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Two beloved local eateries - named for their original locations - Seventh South Craft and Cocktail and Lake Park Diner, are expanding their horizons by opening new locations.

With Seventh South set to occupy the former 360 Market location in Bayshore and Lake Park Diner finding a new home in Founders Square, food enthusiasts can anticipate a fresh wave of flavors and experiences in these burgeoning neighborhoods.

Seventh South, renowned for its contemporary American cuisine with a Southern flair, has garnered a loyal following for its innovative dishes and inviting ambiance. We’ve covered Seventh South in other blogs (here and here) and it is a favorite of ours at Naples Florida Rentals. The decision to open a new location in the heart of Bayshore demonstrates the restaurant's commitment to serving its patrons and contributing to the community's culinary landscape in an area that is experiencing a renaissance.

The space, once occupied by 360 Market, presents a promising opportunity for Seventh South to introduce its distinctive culinary offerings to a new audience while retaining the charm and quality that have made it a Naples favorite. The location is located on the water in the Bayshore district directly across a canal from Celebration Park. At Naples Florida Rentals, we’ve recommended 360 Market many times, not only because of the food, but also because the restaurant is accessible by boat and offers boat parking. There’s nothing like looking out on the water while you enjoy a good meal and delicious cocktail – two things that Seventh South is famous for.

The last day for 360 Market is scheduled for May 1st and the new Seventh South Waterfront is expected to open by late summer. In the meantime, the original Seventh South Craft and Cocktail will remain open on 7th Ave S in downtown Naples. Looking for the perfect place to stay while visiting the new location and the Bayfront area? Our new Waterside Bungalow is located in the heart of the Bayshore district.

Similarly, Lake Park Diner, a cherished establishment known for its elevated diner fare, outrageous milkshakes, and indoor/outdoor seating and warm hospitality, is embarking on an exciting journey with the announcement of its new location in Founders Square. With its comforting dishes and nostalgic atmosphere, Lake Park Diner has long been a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. The Lake Park diner is also one of our favorites (one of our team members lived in the neighborhood for seven years) and is located within blocks of our Paradise Pool Home. The new Lake Park Diner location is slated to open in spring 2024.

The expansion of Seventh South and the Lake Park Diner speaks volumes about the vitality of the Naples dining scene and the resilience of its culinary community. Despite challenges posed by the ever-changing landscape of the restaurant industry, and damage from recent hurricanes, these establishments are not only surviving but thriving, fueled by a passion for hospitality and a commitment to excellence.

For residents and visitors alike, the arrival of Seventh South and Lake Park Diner's new locations promises an exciting array of dining options to explore. Whether indulging in Seventh South's creative interpretations of Southern classics or savoring the timeless appeal of Lake Park Diner's comfort food staples, diners can look forward to memorable culinary experiences that celebrate the rich tapestry of flavors found in Naples.

Furthermore, the expansion of these restaurants into Bayshore and Founders Square is poised to invigorate these neighborhoods, providing residents with vibrant gathering spots and contributing to the area's cultural vitality. By embracing the spirit of community and culinary innovation, Seventh South and Lake Park Diner are not only expanding their footprint but also enriching the fabric of Naples' culinary landscape.

The upcoming openings of Seventh South and Lake Park Diner's new locations mark an exciting chapter in the evolution of Naples' dining scene. As these beloved eateries prepare to embark on their new ventures, they invite diners to join them on a journey of culinary exploration and celebration. With their unwavering commitment to quality, hospitality, and community, Seventh South and Lake Park Diner are poised to delight palates and create lasting memories in their new homes. As always, if you are staying in one of our luxury Naples Florida rentals, we will be happy to share our favorites and provide personalized recommendations for you during your stay.