Flo’s Clam Shack is Open! Our exclusive review

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Flo’s Clam Shack is open for business and the clams are excellent.

After our initial preview of the Flo’s Clam Shack opening here on this blog, we got a lot of questions from our guests about when the restaurant would open and what the hours are. Well, we’re here to report back. After a couple tips from local friends we went over mid-afternoon last Tuesday, January 30th to avoid the lunch crowd.

Interior is not fussy and typical of a sea-side casual seafood shack. Dark tables, seating available roadside and a central window inside to order and pick up. The menu is straightforward and streamlined with something for everyone. Menu items like whole bellied clams, clam strips and other fried seafood can be ordered a la carte or as meal combos. I ordered Combo #1 and a small al la carte order of whole bellied clams. Combo #1 was a cup of chowder with three clam cakes and a frosty beer or soda. If you’re taking the order to go, you can enjoy the beverage while you wait with your buzzer.

Orders are picked up at the window on large lunch trays and the portions are generous. Small serving of a la carte clams?! The serving was big – it took me two days to finish (clams were great next day in the air fryer). I spoke to the woman working the counter and the whole belly  clams are shipped in from Rhode Island and it shows. I prefer smaller clams to large ones (with whole belly the breading sticks less the larger you go, I find) and I thought they were a great example of fried New England Clams. Rhode Island locals dip the clam cakes in the chowder, so I figured that was the way to go. I found the clam cakes to be light and fluffy and the clear chowder (they have three kinds) was very good. My only criticism of the whole meal was that the clam cakes were a little on the salty side.

While I waited for my take out I overheard one of the owners talking to several customers about how the business was going so far. They’ve been slammed at peak hours and dealt with the regular pains of opening a new restaurant (not knowing how much of each item to order for Naples tastebuds means that they were initially out of a few items). Service was prompt and friendly, however, and I was glad to hear that they brought employees from their original location.

The verdict? I’ll return. If you’ve been to a seafood shack you love in New England, Flo’s Clam Shack will be like a hug from home. For those who haven’t had the seaside, New England seafood experience, I would recommend committing to it and ordering the whole bellied clams – they are not that easy to find in Southwest Florida.  On my next visit I plan to give the lobster roll a try along with the “stuffies” (stuffed quahog).

If you’re planning to visit Naples, stop by Flo’s Clam Shack from 11AM-8PM Tuesday through Sunday. The restaurant is located in the former Bamz location at 2464 Tamiami Trail E,
Naples, FL 34112
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