Flo's Clam Shack Coming to Naples, Florida

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The Best Places for New England-Style Seafood in Naples Florida

A quick stop by the former location of locals-favorite seafood shack Bamz has confirmed the rumors: Flo’s Clam Shack, an iconic Rhode Island seafood spot, will be opening any day now on the East Trail. We could not be more excited!

Offering sought-after fresh whole-belly fried clams, fried clam fritters and chowder three ways, Flo’s will be the perfect new casual hot spot in seafood-haven Naples Florida.

Unfamiliar with Flo’s? You won’t be missing out for much longer. Fried whole belly clams are just the tip of the iceberg from this classic Rhode Island eatery.  In addition to being famous for their clam fritters (imagine conch fritters but with clams), buttery lobster rolls, and clam chowder three ways (creamy, clear and Rhode Island Red) Flo's has been a staple in Rhode Island for decades.

Now, Floridians can experience the same seaside culinary magic in the heart of Naples – brought to you by Flo’s Komes Rozes, a seasonal resident. With a commitment to quality and a taste that captures the essence of the New England coast, Flo's Clam Shack will be a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts in Naples.

What makes Flo’s a great fit for Naples? Not does the seafood spot offer amazing fresh food, but Flo’s is also resilient, perfect for our neck of the woods. Flo’s has had to rebuild in Rhode Island after not just one or two hurricanes, but five massive storms that leveled the establishment. Let’s hope that Flo’s never has to rebuild here, but this scrappy New England classic is perfectly suited amongst the resilient Naples Florida crowd.

Flo’s will be located at the former Bamz location at 2464 Tamiami Trail E where the signs are already up. Check in on their Facebook page for further announcements.

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Two Other Naples Hot Spots for Whole Belly Clams

Flo’s isn’t the only New England hot spot to recognize the potential of the Naples foodie crowd in Naples. Kelly’s Roast Beef is a famous Boston classic that opened its first restaurant outside of Massachusetts in Naples’ Founders Square this past summer.  Founded in 1951 in Revere Beach, Massachusetts, Kelly's Roast Beef has become synonymous with Boston's culinary identity. Known for their mouthwatering roast beef sandwiches piled high with tender meat, Kelly's has expanded its reach to Naples, setting up shop in the vibrant Founders Square.

Locals can now indulge in the legendary roast beef sandwiches, lobster rolls, and seafood platters that have made Kelly's a beloved institution in the Northeast. The inviting atmosphere and friendly service at Kelly's Roast Beef in Naples make it a perfect spot for both casual and family dining.

In interviews, Flo’s owner Rozes acknowledges that Kelly’s success since opening this summer was an encouraging sign for New England seafood businesses. Also offering whole belly clams, Kelly’s has been popular since it opened its doors. We visited shortly after Kelly’s opened last summer and I enjoyed the classic Kelly’s Roast Beef Sandwich (3-ways, if you know, you know) and whole belly clam plate and both were excellent.

One other place for whole belly is a Naples Classic, Steamers. Steamers is a local gem that has found its way from the shores of New England to the Gulf Coast of Florida. With a menu inspired by classic seafood traditions, Steamers captures the essence of a New England clam bake. From succulent steamers and plump lobster tails to creamy bisques and butter-drenched crab legs, the restaurant offers a comprehensive seafood experience that transports diners to the maritime charm of the Northeast.

The casual nautical-themed decor and cozy ambiance at Steamers Naples creates the perfect setting for a seafood feast with family and friends. We’ve visited many times over the years and it’s a great family spot. Located centrally on Pine Ridge, you’ll get the real local experience at Steamers. I find that the steamers (steamed long neck clams) are just as good as new England and the fresh seafood menu (changes day to day) is always delicious.

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Naples, Florida, is embracing the rich culinary heritage of New England with the arrival of iconic seafood establishments like Flo's Clam Shack, Kelly's Roast Beef and the ongoing legacy of Steamers Naples. Whether you're a fan of crispy clam strips, indulgent lobster rolls, or savory roast beef sandwiches, these restaurants bring the authentic flavors of the Northeast to the Gulf Coast. As the sun sets over the sandy beaches of Naples, locals and visitors alike can now savor the taste of New England seafood without leaving the warmth of Florida.