Here Are The Best Wine Bars In Naples FL

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Naples, FL is a hotspot of tourism, and it’s continuing to add more attractions every year. It has fantastic scenic locations, outstanding food, and many community events. But what if you want to unwind in a cozy wine bar in Naples FL?


The bar scene in Naples Fl is quite vibrant, and there are plenty of places one can try to satiate their alcoholic cravings. In fact, there are so many of these establishments that it can even get a bit confusing. So, we’ve made this list of some of the best wine bars in Naples.

Why Naples Florida Is Perfect For Wine Lovers?


Naples is well-known for its food and drinks, especially wine. There are all types of drinking spots in Naples. Starting from local watering holes to upscale restaurants that specialize in fine wine. Even the most astute wine aficionado can look to get some brand-new experiences here.


Naples has many things going for it, including outstanding rental services, fun charity events, shopping centers, clubs, and many other fun things. The most noteworthy quality of Naples is how it manages to combine nature with city life so seamlessly.


Wine bars in Naples come in varied types and themes. The specific set of ambiance of one place may seem completely different from another. And these minute details play a crucial role in the level of enjoyment you can derive from these places. This list features the best win bars from different locations in Naples, and they have their own unique features.


Best Wine Bars In Naples FL


Let’s get into the main course of this article: the wine bars. The list is in no particular order, as it is difficult to judge them by criteria and then place them in arbitrary tier lists.


Rebecca’s Wine Bar

Rebecca’s Wine Bar is a cozy little bar in Naples FL. It has a unique ambiance with a balance between sophistication and casual elegance. The staff are great and do everything in their power to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible.


This wine bar has a very well-balanced menu with multiple dishes of various types. They have everything from chicken breasts to caviar. Even the plain ingredients seem vibrant here because of how much attention to detail they put in.


Their wine selection is particularly noteworthy and quite impressive. They stock many vintage and rare wines alongside some of the more common yet popular ones, all of which complement their menu items like a match made in heaven.


The Bevy

Are you looking for a wine bar that serves high-quality American cuisine? The Bevy might be right up your alley. It’s a full bar with fantastic food and a wide selection of cocktails and traditional drinks. It is a service-focused environment with a modern touch that blends seamlessly with the atmosphere of Naples, FL.


The Bevy bar has very inclusive menu choices, including several vegan and non-vegan options. They also take particular care to train their staff to suggest alternate options for people with allergies.


The Bevy bar has tasteful decorations based on rustic modern design schemes. Overall, it should be pleasant for anyone wanting a quick drink in the evening. They also offer late-night drinking. And it is one of the safest places for late-night plans. Just make sure to get a reservation in advance.


Tommy Bahama Restaurant/Bar/Store

Tommy’s is a somewhat unique place if you want to do a bit of multitasking. It’s primarily a clothing store with an adjacent bar and restaurant owned by the same people. It’s one of the more crowded places, but it’s worth checking out.


This place has some of the best food in the area, but the restaurant isn’t even their main gig. It’s like how that one Italian mafia’s pizza store font became so popular they just made that their main thing. Tommy’s bar serves all sorts of cocktails and has a neat atmosphere, and you can enjoy all that while shopping.


It’s a very family-friendly establishment and one of the mainstay businesses in the Old Naples area. Even if you go there for a cocktail, try the clam chowder at some point. They also serve happy hour food if you’re into that.


The Oasis

The Oasis is one of the most well-known bars in Naples, though it did fall out of the radar for a while due to ongoing renovations. But that’s all done now, and the place looks mighty gorgeous. It’s an American-style bar with a well-stocked menu for food and drinks. There’s also a lot of seafood!


The thing that’s out about Oasis is that it has a thriving cultural presence. You can expect a themed event every weekend, and there’s also live music to go with it. It’s a place to vibe and generally have a good time. Though some people complain that the place is a bit too lively and loud, maybe it’s not for everyone?


Their wine collection isn’t as impressive as some of the fancier places, but they more than makeup for it through service and a general atmosphere. They have indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, so you can enjoy fresh air to escape the crowd.


Fine-tune Your Naples Roadmap


There are many things to do in Naples that can help anyone unwind. Some are easy to find, while others require some digging around. But you can rest assured knowing that Naples has no lack of luxurious places be it restaurants or accommodations like luxury rentals.


While these are some of the best, there are other noteworthy wine bars in Naples FL. You should look around and see what strikes your fancy. You can get more in-depth guides about Naples in Dana’s Guide To Naples, which will help you find other fun things to do in Naples.