Stone Crab Season is Back! Here are the best places to go.

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From October 15th to May 1st, Naples locals and tourists alike flock to local seafood restaurants and markets to enjoy the incredible taste of local stone crabs.

Stone crab claws are unique in their flavor and texture: sweet and flaky, they are delicious hot or cold and paired with butter or a traditional mustard sauce. Just nine days into season, my family has already scooped up stone crabs twice, and I’m excited to share my favorite places to find it.

First, a little bit about this unique crustacean. The Florida stone crab, scientifically known as Menippe mercenaria, is a species of crab found in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. These crabs are known for their delicious, sweet meat, which can be found in their colossal claws.

One of the most unique features of the stone crab fishing in Florida is its sustainability. Regulations dictate that only the claws are harvested, and then the crabs are returned to the water, where they can naturally regenerate their claws over time. This practice ensures the long-term viability of the species and maintains a healthy crab population.

Top Places to Enjoy Stone Crab:

Kelly's Fish House Dining Room

Kelly’s Fish House is one of the oldest and most iconic seafood restaurants in Naples. You can dine while looking out on Naples Bay and watch as boats pull up with the freshest catch. Truly a local gem, Kelly’s old Florida vibe and location next to Tin City make it a family friendly place to snag some stone crab.


Pinchers of Naples

Pinchers of Naples has two locations and is one of the biggest fishers of this local treat. With the Naples location situated close to Kelly’s in Tin City, Pinchers boasts views of Naples Bay and ample family-friendly seating.


Swan River Seafood

Swan River Seafood is located close to downtown on U.S. 41 and you can either pick up stone crab claws from their market or enjoy them in their restaurant. The market is packed with local seafood and you can purchase claws in medium, large, jumbo and colossal sizes.


Captain and Krewe

Captain and Krewe is located across from Cambier Park in downtown Naples. This quaint restaurant offers bar, hightop and outdoor seating. With an ample selection of stone crabs and other fresh seafood, you can either bring the claws home with you or enjoy them at the restaurant.


USS Nemo

USS Nemo Restaurant located on US 41 next to Swan River, is a hidden gem for seafood lovers. They serve high-quality stone crab, straight from the local waters. The restaurant prides itself on its innovative seafood dishes, and the stone crab is no exception. From classic chilled stone crab claws to creative stone crab sushi rolls, USS Nemo adds a contemporary twist to this classic delicacy.