Top 5 Steakhouse In Naples FL

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A large part of the reason why Naples became a tourism hub is its outstanding culinary presence. Naples has an extensive list of restaurants with menus covering everything from local American cuisine to exotic cuisine from overseas. The sheer number of restaurants in Naples almost seems daunting for first-time visitors. 

But among all the restaurants, steakhouse Naples FL remains a constant favorite among visitors and locals alike. There are many steakhouses dotted across Naples. While most of them are generally good, no visitor has the time to sample all of them, so in this article, we’ll try to make a list of the best ones.

Top 5 Steakhouses in Naples FL

Steakhouses are abundant in Naples, but there’s always a difference in service quality and menu. Naples is a competitive environment where everyone needs to bring something unique to the table. So, every steakhouse has something special going for it.

The Continental

The Continental is a French-themed restaurant that offers the classic steakhouse menu with a French twist. They have an extensive menu featuring various steaks, grilled seafood and vegetarian items, but most people visit the place for the phenomenal steaks.

One of the key attractions of the restaurant is its cocktails. They have extremely skilled drink-smiths who can concoct exquisite and unique drinks. It’s so good that people often visit just for the drinks alone.

The ambient atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing. It is supplemented by indoor and outdoor live music. They also have a dance floor. So, it makes for a perfect venue for get-togethers and parties.

Jimmy P’s Charred

Jimmy P’s Charred is the perfect spot for some of the best burgers in Naples. They also have the classic steakhouse/pub menu along with some great dessert and wine options. It’s the perfect place for a hearty meal.

Jimmy P’s has a very homely vibe compared to the large number of upscale fancy restaurants in the area. This quality gives it a unique charm. The sandwich, steaks, and burger menu also gives it a familiar, almost rustic vibe.

The place also has a lot of alcohol on the menu, ranging from cocktails to champagne. They also serve great pasta and market meat and fish. The overall atmosphere is great for family dining.

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is your go-to location if you want your steakhouse to be fancy. Coupled with elegant décor and complicated dishes, it stands as one of the finest dine-in restaurants in east Naples.

It’s right at the end of the North Tamiami Trail’s southern side, right beside Cambier Park. Being close to tourist rentals in the area means it gets a lot of traffic from the tourists. They try to have an inclusive menu to cater to their diverse patrons.

Ocean Prime has steaks, salads, soups, cooked seafood, and fresh sushi. There's also chicken for people who want to avoid red meat and several other comfort foods and desserts. 

The place also has a lot of alcohol on the menu, ranging from cocktails to champagne. The only thing worth noting is that the prices are a bit steep compared to the other ones on this list.

Chops City Grill

Chops City Grill sits on 5th Avenue on the southern end of the North Tamiami Trail. It’s one of the closest steakhouses to the beach resort and rental areas, so it seems quite a lot of traffic from tourists.

It’s not your typical steakhouse. While they have regular steaks, they are mostly known for their dry-aged steaks and chops. Both are extremely popular among the locals. They also have fresh seafood, including sushi and seafood salad.

Most people visit Chops City Grill for dinner, as it opens at exactly 4:30 every day, and stays open till 9. It’s great for family dinners and evening programs but the closing time takes late-night parties off the table.

Two Fillets Restaurant

Two Fillets Restaurant is one of the best options for lunch near Naples Park. It’s on a busy street, as both locals and tourists staying in nearby rentals frequent the area. It has a very diverse menu filled with both seafood and steakhouse items.

One of the best things about Two Fillets Restaurant is its ambiance. It’s pleasantly quiet, and the decorations offer a mellow atmosphere. Perfect for quiet conversations and relaxing. The tables are also conspicuously spaced far apart, which shows the owner’s attention to privacy.

It has excellent ribeye steaks and lamb chops. They also have great side dishes featuring seafood. And they serve one of the best calamari in Naples.

What’s Special About Steakhouses In Naples FL?

Before moving on to the list, let’s talk about some of the unique aspects of the steakhouses in Naples. Unique and diverse menu, layout, location, and service quality set these restaurants apart from regular steakhouses.


The first aspect we should talk about is the location. Most of the steakhouses are built in the general vicinity of the North Tamiami Trail. So, the steakhouses are set in a straight line from north to south. Such a layout makes them easier to reach from rental places in Naples since most visitors opt for rentals when visiting there.

Even people who prefer more secluded rental places have decent access to all the locations due to the streamlined layout of the Naples strip. So, you can enjoy the tourist spots in Naples and visit steakhouses in one trip, with no need to go out of your way to make plans for them separately.

Menu Diversity

Most Steakhouses in Naples offer a seafood menu as well due to their location. Fresh grilled seafood pairs well with traditional steaks, and it’s a combination you can’t get in landlocked regions. The variety of the menu makes these places more inclusive for people who don’t eat certain types of meat for health or religious reasons.

As it is a tourism hub, Naples has an endless supply of various types of alcohol. Most restaurants in Naples have an abundant wine collection. Naturally, the same is true for steakhouses. The combination of fine wine from various parts of the world with traditional steaks is quite fascinating.

Plan Your Naples Culinary Adventure

The culinary cultures of the whole world clash for supremacy in Naples. There are tons of exciting places to explore and tastes to discover. You can find out about the restaurants and culinary culture by following the local recommendations.

Planning a Naples food tour is super easy. Most of the good restaurants are located by the North Tamiami Trail and adjacent regions. Only a few niche ones are a bit further off. But those are easy to reach too.

There are a lot more things in Naples that are worth experiencing. You can find more information about the points of interest in Naples in Dana’s Guide To Naples