Where To Get Shoe Repair Naples FL?

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Finding a reputable and expert shoe repair service is crucial to keeping your favorite pair of shoes in perfect condition. Whether it's a beloved pair of leather boots or a stylish pair of heels, knowing where to turn for expert shoe repair Naples FL can make all the difference.

In this article, we'll talk about the 4 best shoe repair shops in Naples, FL, and help you make the best choice for your footwear maintenance needs. So, let's get started.

Top 4 Shoe Repair Shops in Naples, FL

These four shops have won the trust and satisfaction of numerous customers searching for trustworthy and expert shoe repair services in Naples, Florida. These are:

1. Silvio’s Specialty Shoe Services

This family-owned and operated shop has been serving Naples for over 40 years, since 1980. They specialize in orthopedic build-ups, such as re-covering orthotics, adding velcro straps, elevating the heel or the whole shoe, and more.

They also offer shoe stretching and tightening techniques, such as filling in shoes, tucking in straps, and sewing in heel grips. Moreover, they can alter your bag or belt by cutting holes, shortening it to fit, fixing hardware problems, and more.

They can also help you with dropping women's heels, rubber sole guards, protective toe and heel plates, rainproofing, and shoe comfort. However, please note that not all requests may qualify for their services, so please verify with them first before going elsewhere.

Location: 104 10th St N Naples, FL 34102

2. Jose Shoe Repair

Established in 2004, Jose Shoe Repair is a professional shoe repair business that offers top-notch shoe restoration services to customers. They treat your shoes with the same importance as you do and strive to make them look and feel like new. No matter how big or small the problem, they can handle it skillfully and efficiently.

They use specialized methods, materials, and equipment to complete the repairs on your shoes and ensure the highest quality, accuracy, and attention to detail. Their goal is to make you happy with the results, regardless of the project size.

They provide excellent service at their Naples, Florida, shoe repair shop, as well as shoe heel repair, leather shoe repair, and orthopedic shoe repair. They also serve customers in Vineyards, Florida, offering handbag repair, leather shoe repair, shoe repair shop, shoe repair service, and shoe specialist.

Location: 4394 Tamiami Trl N Ste 1 Naples, FL 34103

3. Val’s Shoe Repair

Val’s Shoe Repair is known for its quick turnaround, reasonable prices, and outstanding quality of the job. From the moment you meet the owner, Val, you will feel his genuine passion and dedication to providing excellent customer service.

He is brutally honest with you about shoe repair and delivers superb service. He can fix any type of shoe, from casual to formal, and he can also work on leather goods, such as belts, wallets, and jackets.

Location: 11548 Tamiami Trl E Naples, FL 34113

4. Master Shoe Repair

Master Shoe Repair is a classic shoe repair business that offers excellent and prompt service for display repairs. They can also handle extensive beach repairs in a matter of days and charge fair prices. The owner has 45 years of experience in shoe repair, and he learned from an expert.

He has incredible workmanship and expertise in foot care, even though English is not his first language. He may use staples instead of nails for some tasks, as they are more effective. Also, he can repair zippers, buckles, snaps, and other accessories on your shoes and bags.

Location: 2012 Tamiami Trl N Naples, FL 34102

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shoe Repair Service

Your shoes deserve the best care, so you need to pick a good shoe repair service. Here are some tips to help you:


The more experienced the repair service, the better the outcome. Look for a service that handles different types of shoes and repairs. Don't hesitate to ask about their experience or request examples of their work.

Opting for a professional shoe repair shop can make your shoes more comfortable and fit better. They can solve any fit issues and replace any worn-out parts. They know how to work with different kinds of shoes and brands. Also, they will give your shoes the attention they deserve and restore their original quality and performance.


Pick a shoe repair service that is easy to reach from your home or work. This will save you time and hassle. But don't compromise on quality; sometimes, it's worth going a bit further for a better service.


Compare the prices of different shoe repair services. Find one that suits your budget, but remember that you get what you pay for. A higher price may mean better materials, a guarantee, and a great service.


Check the reviews and ratings of previous customers. See what they say about the service and the quality of the work.


Make sure the shoe repair service can do what you need. Some shoe repair services may specialize in certain types of shoes or repairs.

Repair time

Find out how long it will take to get your shoes back. If you need them soon, choose a shoe repair service that can do it fast.

Ecologically Conscious

Fixing your shoes not only saves you money but also helps the planet. You reduce the waste that goes to landfills and the demand for new shoes. Choose a shoe repair service that cares about the environment and your shoes.

They will use sustainable methods and materials to make your shoes last longer. Be eco-friendly and take good care of your shoes with expert repair services.

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