5 Coziest Naples Tea Shops

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No matter how long you stay in Naples, Florida, you wouldn't want to leave without experiencing all the beauty and vibrant city it offers. If you can get past Naples' picture-perfect beaches and lively nightlife, you will find many exciting new experiences waiting for you to discover!

The tea shops are a peaceful shelter among the historic sites and cobblestone lanes, perfect for taking things easy and losing yourself in a good book. Keep reading as we explore the historic district in search of the five most inviting Naples Tea Shops along the Gulf Coast.

Top 5 Enchanting Tea Shops in Naples, Florida

More than simply a place to relax, Naples Tea Shops are an escape from city life and vacation homes where you can take a break from the noise and enjoy a peaceful time. If you are over in Naples, Florida, for an extended or shorter vacation, you might want to visit them to have a calm afternoon reading books or chat over some relaxing tea!

The Spice & Tea Exchange of Naples

In the middle of Naples, Florida, you will find The Spice & Tea Exchange. Amy Freeman and Penny Rehling established this warm sanctuary more than fifteen years ago, where tastes thrive, spices blend, and teas murmur. When you step inside, it's impossible not to feel the welcoming hug by a delightful array of scents!

It almost feels like a symphony of freshly mixed spices and more than 85 handmade seasonings displayed on the shelves. This tea shop aims to provide a little experience to everyone who walks through the door, and it all starts with a love of family, good cuisine, and community.

Discover something new every time you peruse our carefully selected collection of over 125 unique products. You can also buy different aromatic teas to enjoy by the pool of your vacation home or for your loved ones as gifts! The adventure continues at the Tea Bar, where you can enjoy expertly brewed teas from around the globe.

Location: 320 Gulf Shore Blvd N #209, Naples, FL 34103, United States

Brambles English Tearoom and Giftshop

Arrive at Brambles in Naples, Florida, and be greeted like an old friend by the aroma of warm, freshly baked scones! Bringing a little bit of England to the Sunshine State, this charming tea shop offers more than simply tea.

The star of the show is their freshly baked, handmade scones. But don't pass up the chance to have Shepherd's Pie or one of their quiches topped with mango chutney for lunch. And if you want to experience Brambles like never before, you must try Brambles Delight, their Afternoon Tea Menu. It comes with scones, pastries, finger sandwiches, and a pot of brewed tea.

With more than seventy-five variations, tea connoisseurs are sure to find their pick and indulge in their favorite flavors. Options include classics like Creme Brulee and Royal Wedding. On top of that, they add variety with unusual blends like Buccaneer.

Brambles is more than just a tea shop; it's a gathering place. Any gathering, from business meetings to baby showers, is welcome there. Stop by the gift shop to look at the assortment of chocolates, teas, and charming teapots.

Location: 340 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102, United States

Forever Fiore Tea Lounge

In Naples, Florida, you will also find Forever Fiore Tea Lounge, the perfect spot for your bunch and a morning cup of tea to wake you up! As you enter this lovely space, the elegant floral decor and comforting scents will let you forget about your troubles for a while.

Take a trip down memory lane with a cup of carefully curated foreign teas or a pot of their well-made coffee to kickstart your day. Although it is known as a tea lounge, Forever Fiore offers a culinary experience. Delicious brunch options include traditional meals like Shepherd's Pie and creative creations like freshly baked quiches with flavorful mango chutney.

They have a signature afternoon tea perfect for special events; it combines French and Italian elegance with preserved flowers and sparkling champagne. But don't be mistaken; you can't go to Forever Fiore and only eat; it's a venue for gatherings and memories. Bring your next party to their private event space, where they'll ensure you and your party have a total blast! If you want more spots to host larger gatherings, check out our blog!

Location:  970 5th Ave N, Naples, FL 34102, United States

Nectar Lab Kava Bar

Experience the perfect blend of Naples' relaxed atmosphere and the age-old Pacific heritage of kava brewing at NectarLab Kava Bar. You can drink there where the whole neighborhood gathers to relax and chat. The moment you go inside, the warm ambiance immediately makes anyone feel at peace!

Whatever your level of kava expertise, you will find something delicious on the menu. Every sip is a tale of relaxation and good health, from creative elixirs to calming kava drinks. But beverages aren't the only thing NectarLab offers. It's a haven from the stresses of daily life, where you can relax and be yourself. But it's not just about drinks; teaching is also a big deal here!

Nectar Lab strives to spread all the necessary info about your health! So, NectarLab is the place to be if you want to relax, make local friends, and maybe even learn about holistic well-being.

Location: 2500 Tamiami Trail N Suite 112, Naples, FL 34103, United States

Jane's Coffee on 3rd

In the middle of Old Downtown Historic Naples, Jane's Café on 3rd is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger for comfort food with various fresh, tasty ingredients. You shouldn't miss Jane's Café's exquisite tea experience, even though they're famous for their delicious comfort cuisine and refreshing beverages.

Everything from traditional American fare to mouth-watering Mexican specialties and delectable European treats is available. The food is excellent, but that's not all Jane's is known for. The restaurant pays close attention to detail in every way. Savor your dinner amid the beautiful scenery on the magnificent Courtyard Patio or the English Gardens.

And if you're a tea fan, Jane's Café has a wide selection of hot and iced teas. Everyone may find their perfect cup of tea, whether it's the traditional Yorkshire Tea from Taylors of Harrogate or a more modern Arnold Palmer made with freshly squeezed lemonade.

Location: 1209 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34102, United States

Visit Naples to Indulge in the Cozy Comfort of Tea Shops

Take a break from the rush and relax at one of Naples' lovely tea shops. After all, who doesn't enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a good book and a refreshing beverage? The Spice & Tea Exchange's enticing aromas and the beautiful atmosphere of Forever Fiore Tea Lounge are just two examples of the many shops in Naples that provide something unique, each reflecting the city's easygoing spirit.

Arrange a trip to Naples and reward yourself with a relaxing afternoon of tea, friends, and good times. Relax with a cup of tea and take in the peaceful atmosphere of Naples' tea shops. Plan your trip today and indulge in the best ways to unwind and appreciate life's pleasures with a cup of perfectly brewed tea!

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