Naples Restaurant News: LoLa 41 Opens Naples Location and the Turtle Club Returns

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The restaurant scene in Naples, Florida continues to heat up. Two of the most anticipated restaurant events of the year are finally upon us as the temperatures heat up – both the opening of LoLa 41 in downtown Naples and the triumphant return of the Turtle Club mark significant milestones in the city's gastronomic journey.


Nestled at 560 9th St S, Naples, FL 34102, LoLa 41 is the latest addition to the city's dining scene, promising an eclectic fusion of global flavors and a focus on seafood. Some locals and tourists may be familiar with LoLa 41 from its original location in Nantucket, MA or additional locations in Palm Beach or Boston. If you’ve visited the quaint location in Nantucket, you’ll find that the new Naples location draws inspiration from its roots (the restaurant's name pays homage to its latitude in Nantucket). LoLa 41 brings a unique blend of Asian, Mediterranean, and American cuisines to Naples.

Stepping into LoLa 41, visitors are greeted by a chic and contemporary ambiance, where sleek decor and warm lighting set the stage. LoLa 41 has several different menus that offer different dining options for groups that want to share or dine à la carte. Their Global Bistro menu is divided into two parts: small plates and large plates. Small plates include King Crab Rangoon, Lobster Avocado Napoleon and Truffle Scallop Crudo and are perfect for sharing. The large plates section includes Korean Beef Bulgogi and their Grilled Hanger Steak that is served with  red chimichurri, shrimp escabeche, roasted lemon marble potatoes and charred avocado. Don’t forget to check out their signature LoLa Burger, which is served on an English muffin with Cabot cheddar cheese, red onion compote and foie gras sauce.

In addition to the Global Bistro small and large plate offerings, LoLa’s Sushi Menu has an impressive lineup of offerings. LoLa 41’s sushi includes 11 signature rolls (the Capt’n Jose has spicy salmon and cucumber and is topped with salmon, kiwi, black tobiko sesame aji mirin aioli), classic rolls like the rainbow roll and traditional rolls. Also featured is an array of nigri sushi and sashimi.

We’ve stayed on top of LoLa 41’s opening because many of our luxury Naples rental guests hail from New England and are familiar with the other locations. Our verdict? We haven’t been able to try everything on the menu yet, but we think their newest location – just off 5th Avenue – will be a success. LoLa joins Le Colonial in bringing high-end dining that’s famous for its original location (Chicago for Le Colonial and Nantucket for LoLa 41) to Naples. LoLa is pricey, but in line with what most will expect from downtown Naples.


Meanwhile, at the Vanderbilt Beach Resort, a phoenix is set to rise from the ashes of Hurricane Ian as we get our first real indication that the beloved Turtle Club is almost ready to reopen. In a March 14th post on their Facebook page, Turtle Club co-owner Mick Moore announced that they expect to be reopening in early April, and that they will not be taking reservations (first-come, first-serve) until after they reopen.

Cherished by locals and tourists alike, the Turtle Club is perched on the pristine shores of Vanderbilt Beach and is one of the last restaurants in Naples where you can dine with your toes in the sand. A “special occasion” spot that offers unparalleled views of the Gulf of Mexico, the Turtle club provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner or a memorable celebration.

While we can’t predict what new dishes the Turtle Club will have in store, the classic menu, with its focus on fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients, is still posted on their website to peruse. Favorites include the oysters “turtlefeller” and their memorable Sea Harvest that includes locally-caught fish, jumbo sea scallops, shrimp and lobster and is served with jasmine rice, grilled asparagus of citrus beurre blanc.


The debut of LoLa 41 and the return of the Turtle Club are another two reasons why any season is the perfect season for foodies to visit Naples. We live in Naples year around and can attest to the fact that dining at the ultra-exclusive spots that are impossible to get a reservation at in season are a breeze to visit in the summer. Restaurants often feature discounted menus and special offers during the summer months. As always, if you’re staying in one of our luxury, Naples rentals, we’ll be happy to help you with personalized dining recommendations.