Top Movie Theaters In Naples, FL

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Lights, camera, action! Naples, Florida, is a beautiful and vibrant city and home to some of the best movie theaters around. Naples has got you covered.

1. AMC Theaters

Here is where you will find the latest blockbuster movies and movies for the entire family. As the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and in the world, AMC Theatres delivers the very best in movie going to hundreds of millions of moviegoers each year. With best-in-class amenities, AMC is recognized as the industry leader and an iconic destination for moviegoers throughout the United States, and around the world at Odeon-branded locations. 

2. CMX Cinemas

CMX Cinemas revolutionized the movie experience in 2017 when they opened their flagship dine-in theater at Brickell City Centre, Miami, FL. Their focus was to mix luxury with comfort. CMX Cinemas offers various state-of-the-art technology, one of which is reclining leather seats.

You can choose from various experiences, including the upscale CMX CinéBistro, which offers seat-in service and a delicious menu of classic American cuisine. They have professionally trained chefs. The gourmet CMX Market Cinemas is perfect if you're short on time.

For those who prefer the classic theater experience, CMX Cinemas offers upgraded traditional theaters. But the luxury experience continues beyond there. Some specific CMX theaters also feature the CMX Stone Sports Bar, making it the ultimate entertainment destination.

CMX has experienced exponential growth recently, opening new theaters nationwide and acquiring other movie theater chains. The latest acquisition includes all Cobb Theatres and CinéBistro locations, solidifying CMX's position as the go-to choice for a luxurious and unforgettable movie experience.

3. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema 

The Alamo Drafthouse became the ultimate cinematic destination in 1997. Over two decades later, that goal remains unchanged. What sets them apart from other theaters is their unwavering passion for film.

Everyone at Alamo Drafthouse shares this love for the art form, from managers to servers to kitchen staff. They don't have the stereotype that only the latest Hollywood blockbusters are worth watching. They believe any film can be a masterpiece, regardless of language, genre or year of release.

But they also know how to have fun. They celebrate classic cinema with interactive Movie Party presentations, chef-inspired feasts paired with films, and re-evaluations of forgotten gems. Their dedication is to share the movies they love with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. At Alamo Drafthouse, the cinematic experience is like no other.

Note: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will reopen February 2024. 


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