Indulge in Naples, Florida: The Five Best Places to Get Fresh Oysters

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Naples, Florida, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and, of course, its exceptional dining scene. For luxury rental guests seeking the finest oysters in town, Naples offers an array of options that promise to tantalize the taste buds and provide a truly memorable culinary experience. Whether you're a connoisseur of oysters or simply looking to indulge in the local seafood delights, here are the top 5 spots to satisfy your cravings.

Captain and Krewe

Location: Captain and Krewe

Captain and Krewe is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Naples off of Fifth Avenue near Cambier Park. With its central, charming location and upscale ambiance, it's the perfect spot to savor fresh oysters in style. The restaurant boasts a diverse selection of oysters sourced from premium locations, ensuring a variety of flavors and textures to please even the most discerning palates. This is my personal favorite for oysters as the selection is super fresh and always changing. 

The Syren

Location: The Syren

A newcomer to the Naples dining scene, The Syren has quickly gained a reputation for its innovative approach to seafood. This sleek and modern oyster bar offers a curated selection of oysters, expertly shucked and served to perfection. Luxury rental guests can indulge in the freshest catches of the day while admiring the chic decor and vibrant atmosphere.

The French

Location: The French

For those craving a taste of Parisian elegance on Fifth Avenue in downtown Naples, look no further than The French. This upscale brasserie combines classic French cuisine with the laid-back charm of Florida's Gulf Coast. While known for its exquisite French dishes, The French also offers a delightful selection of oysters, served with traditional accompaniments to enhance their natural flavors. Luxury rental guests can elevate their dining experience by opting to sit outside on the charming patio or outdoor bar, surrounded by lush greenery and twinkling lights.

The Oyster Society (Marco Island)

Location: The Oyster Society

Just a short drive from Naples, The Oyster Society in Marco Island offers a coastal dining experience like no other. This stylish restaurant specializes in locally sourced oysters, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful selection for guests to enjoy. With its relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance, it's the perfect destination for luxury rental guests seeking to unwind and indulge in the finest seafood offerings. Don't miss the opportunity to dine al fresco on the waterfront terrace, where you can savor your oysters while watching the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

Jack's Seafood Bar and Grill

Location: Jack's Seafood Bar and Grill

For a casual dining experience without compromising on quality, try local favorite Jack's Seafood Bar and Grill. This laid-back eatery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, thanks to its friendly atmosphere and delicious seafood dishes. While Jack's offers a variety of menu options, including burgers and sandwiches, their locally sourced oysters steal the show. Luxury rental guests can enjoy freshly shucked oysters in a relaxed setting, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring Naples.


Naples, Florida, offers a wealth of options for luxury rental guests seeking to indulge in the finest oysters the region has to offer. From upscale waterfront restaurants to cozy local eateries, there's something to suit every taste and preference. So whether you're a seafood aficionado or simply looking to treat yourself to a memorable dining experience, be sure to explore these top oyster spots during your visit to Naples. As always, when you book your stay with Naples Florida Rentals, we will be happy to offer customized recommendations.