Here Are The Best Gyms In Naples Florida

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The picturesque coastlines and the water sports are two main reasons people visit Naples, Florida. Moreover, the city's weather is sunny and relaxing year-round which is complemented by fine dining and flourishing art.

Despite all these attractions, the fitness buff tourist will yearn for the gym. Especially when they didn’t catch a workout in the past three days. Well, there are plenty of decent gyms in Naples, Florida to pump up your muscles. Find out the details in this discussion.

Top 5 Gyms in Naples, Florida

Any place can cram a few weights and treadmills in a corner and call it a gym. But that's not going to cut out for those seeking a truly rejuvenating workout. So, we put together the following list of state-of-the-art fitness centers based on personal experience, overall ratings, and user reviews from the internet.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness has introduced its very own 'Heart Rate Zone Training' in the workout scene. Their theory is, letting you work at various heart rate zones according to your physical capability. This can range from working at 50-60% to 91-100% heart rate. The goal is to work you up to the Orange Zone (84-91%) for 12-20 minutes which optimizes fat and calorie burn.

Thanks to the different heart rate zones at Orangetheory Fitness, everyone can get a proper workout tailored to their fitness levels. The trainers at the facility have trained hundreds of individuals and group classes. They can easily draw from this experience and provide you with the best solutions for your fitness needs.

You can get access to a wide range of equipment at Orangetheory Fitness. These include- free weights, rowing machines, and cardio equipment like treadmills, etc. The studios are spacious, clean, and never overcrowded.

Being a tourist, you might not want to sign up for a membership at the facility. In that case, you can sign up for a free class through their website. Or, you can pay the basic $79 fee if you plan on staying longer in Florida. The main Orangetheory Fitness studio in Naples is located at 7935 Airport Pulling Road, Unit 1, Naples, FL 34109.

Planet Fitness

Another facility that is great for tourists seeking a single day's workout and no membership commitment. You can take advantage of Planet Fitness's free trial classes from certified experts.

If you need more than one class, simply sign up for the monthly membership which only costs $10. That's lower than what many five-star gyms would cost you per day. Another option is finding a buddy in Florida who holds a Planet Fitness black card. This premier membership allows the cardholder to bring in a guest to work with them.

There are several Planet Fitness studios dispersed across Naples, FL. All these facilities are clean, spacious, and equipped with various kinds of machines and free weights. Apart from traditional strength equipment, you will also find a 30-minute express circuit room. This setup is helpful for those looking to grab a quick workout with long-lasting metabolic effects.

Planet Fitness is well-known for its helpful and certified staff. Plus, they promote a Judgement Free Zone in the gym. In other words, they have established an all-inclusive atmosphere at the center where first-time gym goers feel welcomed and not intimidated.

The crowd at the gym is well-maintained. However, you can use the Planet Fitness App’s crowd meter feature to find a suitable hour to workout. The gym is located at 2650 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112. You can also find Planet Fitness locations close to your Naples Paradise Pool home with the app.

Fitness Together

Fitness Together provides a customized workout experience tailored to individual needs. To put together this personal workout program, they offer clients a Complimentary Fit Evaluation. You can sign up for this evaluation where they will take your history, assess your body composition, and take you through a mini workout program to find what works for you.

Even if you don't continue with Fitness Together, the Complimentary Fit Evaluation can be a good excuse to get your workout for the day in Naples, Florida. However, you might want to consider all the perks they offer. For instance, you can work out in a private suite free from the distraction of a crowd. You will also get a certified trainer for the 1:1 training session.  The gym is located at 335 14TH AVE S, NAPLES, FL 34102.

Pure Skill Fitness

Pure Skill Fitness focuses on Bootcamp-style training. Each of their bootcamp classes comprises no more than twenty trainees. The session lasts around 50 minutes. You will work rigorously the whole time with treadmills, floor works, rowing, and stretching. The small size of the class helps each member get the personal attention they need.

Apart from group work you also have the option to work alone. You will have to Pure Strength Line equipment from Technogym. This option is available outside the class hours.

You can book a Working Out Alone session by downloading the Pure Skill Fitness app from Google Play. For the Naples tourist, this might be the more manageable option since it's difficult to join a class out of the blue. The gym is conveniently located at 2170 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL, 34102. You can also find many quality restaurants in this area.

NCH Briggs Wellness Center

The NCH Briggs Wellness Center offers a one-day workout pass for 10$. For those staying longer in Naples, Florida a 30$ pass for seven consecutive days is available. Certified instructors at the center offer group pilates and aquatic classes. You also have the option to work alone with strength machines and free weights.

This facility is part of the NCH healthcare center. It's as much a gym as it is a rehabilitation center for sports injuries. And the trainers and staff are certified accordingly. So, if you are looking to grab a safe workout for the day, this is your spot. The gym is located at 9th St N 39934102, Naples, Florida.

Finding The Right Gym In Naples For You

Apart from these five, there are many other fitness centers in Naples, Florida. Feel free to explore them and find the one that works for you.

However, there are a few things you should consider when choosing a gym as a tourist-

  • Find a gym that offers a one-day pass or a trial class option. Some fitness clubs are highly exclusive and won't welcome a holiday-goer who just wants to work out for the day.
  • Choose a clean and well-maintained gym. Remember that unhygienic gyms are hubs for skin and respiratory infections.
  • Your chosen fitness center must have a wide variety of equipment. For example, strength machines, cardio equipment, and free weights.
  • Check what people are saying about the staff before entering any gym. Otherwise, you might have an unpleasant experience.
  • Since you just need to work out for the holidays, there's no point in joining a highly expensive gym. A 10$ membership or one-day pass should be good enough.

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