7 Famous People Who Live In Naples, Florida

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As one can expect from a city that is so popular with the famous and wealthy, Naples is renowned for its magnificent mansions and unparalleled natural beauty. With phenomenal fine cuisine, high-end amenities, and small-town charms, Naples, Florida, has become a popular hangout for many famous people.

Even though you might occasionally run across one or two actors and actresses around the City, Film stars aren't the only ones who call Naples home. Famous people from all walks of life, including businesspeople, athletes, musicians, and TV and radio hosts, love this City. So, who are the famous people who live in Naples Florida?

7 Biggest Stars Living in Naples, Florida

Living in Naples doesn't necessarily make you a celebrity, though you might just run across a couple if you're lucky. Famous people love the Paradise Coast of Florida as much as the rest of us. Therefore, it's almost certain that you'll see a star in the Naples area and maybe even bump into one on your visit there.

Should be an awesome vacation story to tell people when you get back, wouldnt it? So, for all the star-struck vacationists here are some of the biggest stars you might have the luck to come across would be –

1. Judge Judy

When it comes to famous Floridians, Judge Judy is unrivaled. After all, no one can deny the joy of settling down with a few episodes of Judge Judy. Pelican Bay is home to the show's famed judge, Judy Sheindlin! The Waterside Shops is a regular haunt for this fantastic TV personality, so you never know when you could run across her.

She has always had a soft spot for the state. The most highly compensated judge in the world adores this place's culture. She has a reputation for frequenting many Florida locations, including Jupiter.

2. Bob Seger

Naples is home to famous rocker Bob Seger. His 1968 debut album shot him to fame during the heyday of the counterculture in the '60s. These days, he enjoys some peace at his condo in Naples. Even though Seger is more known for living in Michigan, you may occasionally spot him around this area.

He, indeed, spends most of his time in frigid climates. Getting away from winter is sometimes necessary, and Naples is the ideal destination. Seger has various real estate holdings, as do many celebrities. A second house in Naples is among his properties.

3. John Schnatter

If you are a Papa John's Pizza fan, you might know the next celebrity on our list! John Schnatter, a controversial businessman and right-wing talk show host, became wealthy by founding and leading Papa John's.

But since then, he has been removed from that post. After the uproar over his ideas and the rest of his company died down, Schnatter finally got to relax and enjoy life on his own.

He was fortunate, though. He snagged an incredible primary residence and a second, more secluded getaway. In the middle of Naples is where he has his holiday house. He frequently unwinds at his vacation house in the middle of Naples, Florida.

4. Brett Baier's

Naples, Florida, is home to Brett Baier, another talk show personality. Brett Baier hosts FOX News' Special Report with Brett Baier. It is one of the most popular news shows on TV right now.

His parents and in-laws are locals in the Naples area, and he also owns a holiday property there. Whether you love or detest it, Baier prioritizes his family's well-being by purchasing a property in that region.

5. Sean Hannity

You are probably already familiar with this name if you are into right-wing politics or enjoy criticizing individuals like him. Sean Hannity became wealthy through his work on FOX News, where he repeated conservative ideology and wrote books on the subject.

But of course, he does not devote all his time to radio. In his spare time, he loves to relax in the penthouse of Naples's Moraya Bay Beach Tower. It must have breathtaking views from up there.

6. Jane Seymour

Is the star of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" still with you? Television viewers in the 1990s, particularly those who enjoyed Westerns, adored Jane Seymour. She may make an appearance on the red carpet every so often, but the reality is that she has always wanted the beach and sun of Naples.

Here in Naples, Florida, you can find Jane Seymore, star of countless outstanding films and TV shows. Seymour has starred in several movies and TV shows, including Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman, and Live and Let Die. Regardless of how you recognize her, you'll likely spot her in Naples, either strolling around town or working on a set.

When she's not filming a new TV show, she's usually seen in Naples, much like Judge Judy. Currently, her artwork is the focal point of her time.

7. Mike Ditka

Naples appears to be a popular destination for many NFL players and coaches. Mike Ditka is a former NFL player and coach. He and his wife Diana own a home in Naples valued at over $3 million. He won the Super Bowl in 1985 and was awarded Coach of the Year twice (1985, 1988).

Every NFL fan is familiar with the 1985 Bears. They are frequently considered to have had one of the best defenses in NFL history. So, if you consider yourself a sports fan, Mike Ditka might be one of those celebs you would be excited to come across in Naples, Florida!


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