The Best Coffee Shops In Naples FL

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Naples FL has it all, from beaches to gourmet cuisine. One thing that gets overlooked, however, is how the art of coffee making is thriving just beneath the surface of that luxurious glamour.

Coffee shops in Naples do not get the attention they deserve because there are so many culinary attractions here. Today, let's look at the coffee shops Naples, FL. And discover how the art of coffee making is adapting in Naples- a hub of all the world's prominent cultures.

How’s the Coffee In Naples?

For a lot of people, coffee isn’t just a necessary caffeine boost that helps them slug through a long workday. It’s part of a lifestyle, and it’s a small respite that adds a much-needed pinch of happiness to their lives.

Coffee is one of those drinks that transcends cultural and economic boundaries. Someone heading to work from a studio apartment in NYC will enjoy a nice cup of coffee just as well as someone just waking up at a poolside apartment in Naples.

However, the type of coffee can vary quite significantly from place to place. There are countless brewing techniques, each with its nuances. Thankfully, Naples has some of the best coffee shops in all of Florida. So, you’re sure to find some that fit your tastes.

Best Coffee Shops In Naples FL

Most tourists will try out at least several different coffee shops during their stay in Naples. Here are some of the ones we think you should check out:

Kunjani Craft

Let’s start with one of the more exotic choices: the Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery. Kunjani Craft Coffee and Gallery is one of the more unique coffee places to visit in Naples. It’s a fantastic place with the most extensive collection of coffee and tea on their menu.

You’ll find almost all kinds of coffee, some very unique herbal tea. They also have snacks to go with it. Pastries, burgers, and sandwiches are the most popular items besides coffee. But we recommend trying their macarons as well.

One of the coolest things about Kunjani is that they stock a wide range of authentic coffee beans. Most of it is imported from various parts of the world. So, it’s a great one-stop destination for the coffee lovers.

5th Avenue Coffee Co & 6th Street Diner

Next in line is the 5th Avenue Diner, a local favorite. Despite their straight-forward name, they make fantastic coffee and food. It’s a cozy little shop tucked away in the southern corner of 5th Avenue.

This shop has outdoor seating arrangements. It does not feel cramped even during peak hours. Most people go to Avenue 5th for shopping, and this diner serves as the perfect place to rest. So, it generally stays pretty full.

The food here is great, and they have a very well-stocked menu for drinks. Their selection for coffee is quite rich, but don’t expect too many types of tea.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

As you can tell by the name, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is a Coffee shop known for its bold flavors. It’s an authentic Hawaiian Coffee Shop mainly selling premium Hawaiian coffee. It’s one of the must-visit places if you’ve never had authentic Hawaiian coffee before because this stuff is mind-blowingly good.

They have a decent range of teas, too. However, people generally only go for the coffee. Their coffee brewing techniques aren’t all that fancy, but they taste outstanding nonetheless. This coffee shop isn’t too adventurous with the menu selection. They usually sell lattes, espresso, and other common types of drinks.

It’s also right next to the Southern Beaches, which adds to the Hawaiian vibe. You can also buy trinkets, t-shirts, hats, beans, and coffee mugs here, too, if you want.

Narrative Coffee

Narrative Coffee Shop is one of the more unadorned coffee shops in Naples. It is a nice and quiet shop where many people spend time getting some coffee while working on their laptops. It’s a terrace-style store with both indoor and outdoor sitting areas.

The shop usually has many baristas behind the counter like a very traditional coffee shop, and they ground their beans by hand. So, the coffee itself is rather fantastic. You can even enjoy a front-row seat of this artistic masterpiece if you opt for indoor seating.

Their menu doesn’t have anything crazy, just your usual latte, cappuccino, and other such choices. But each one is made from scratch by highly capable baristas. So, it’s a place worth checking out.

The Brick Coffee & Bar

The Brick Coffee & Bar is the go-to coffee shop for the locals in downtown Naples. It’s a large coffee shop with a variety of items on the menu. This particular store focuses on serving the visitors who frequent the many spas and stores that dot downtown Naples.

Brick Coffee has a wide range of coffees on its menu. They also sell desserts, smoothies, and sandwiches on the side. The pastries, in particular, are works of art and deserve a shoutout.

Navigate Naples Like A Pro

Coffee cravings demand immediate satiation, and what better way to do that than in a cozy little coffee shop in the middle of an amazing tourist spot? Naples has countless coffee shops and cafés to cater to the growing number of visitors. Even the best rentals are built with basic amenities like coffee shops, stores, and clubs in mind.

Be sure to visit Danas Guide To Naples to learn more about other important locations in Naples. You can find tons of other things to do as well. There is no shortage of entertainment in Naples for a Coffee Sommelier.