Beyond 5th Avenue: The Best Locations to Rent in Naples Florida for Food and Shopping Part One

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Part One: Venetian Village and Waterside Shops      

When many of our Naples home renters begin planning their vacations to Naples, Florida, they automatically think of downtown 5th Avenue South as the pinnacle of shopping and dining. I agree that 5th Avenue is a scenic and fun place to eat and shop, with dozens of restaurants ranging from fine dining to more casual and plenty of shops showcasing art and fine clothing.

At the same time, as a year-around local, I have discovered other areas of Naples that also have exciting shopping and dining. These other unique destinations are worth a visit when you rent a home in Naples, Florida, and we have handpicked our property locations to give renters a variety of options around town as far as shopping and dining. Here’s Part 1 in our series of top places for shopping and dining beyond downtown and my suggestions for which homes to rent – and what neighborhoods to rent in – nearby.

Waterside Shops and Venetian Village

Often overlooked by Naples, Florida renters, Waterside Shops and Venetian Village are two excellent areas to dine and shop.

The Waterside Shops were designed to blend the natural beauty of the Gulf with an impressive array of high-end retailers and restaurants. As you stroll through the open-air mall, you'll be greeted by lush landscaping, soothing fountains, and Mediterranean-style architecture that creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Shopping includes everything from Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hermes to Anthropologie, Vineyard Vines and boutiques. There is a wide range of dining encompassing everything from True Food Kitchen to California Pizza Kitchen, ensuring there is something that will fit your palate.

Nearby, Venetian Village is a charming array of shops and restaurants. Shops include local boutiques and art. Clothing stores range from J McLaughlin and Tommy Bahama to Southern Tide. Many of the restaurants have seating outside with views of the Gulf. For a recent dinner with my friends, I sat outside at Mira Mare one evening where I really enjoyed my calamari appetizer. M Waterfront Grille, situated nearby, has one of my favorite appetizers in town – shrimp and crab egg rolls (a local favorite).



Don’t forget, beautiful beaches are very close to both Venetian Village and Waterside Shops. I recommend accessing the beach via the public beach access at the end of Seagate Drive. Just follow Seagate Drive all the way to the water and look left to see the beach access.

Where to rent?

Where to rent for the best access to these centrally-located dining and shopping destinations near the beach? Over the past 20 years as we have purchased unique homes to rent in Naples, we have kept an eye towards location. Our Naples Golf Front Luxe Pool Home in the lovely Forest Lakes neighborhood is just one mile from Waterside Shops and three and a half miles from Venetian village. To access both, simply take a left out of the neighborhood entrance onto Pine Ridge and follow Pine Ridge until it turns into Seagate Drive. On Seagate Drive you will spot Waterside Shops right away and Venetian Village and the beach are close by.

Also located near Venetian Village and Waterside Shops are our charming homes in the Hilltop neighborhood. Our Naples Paradise Near The Beach!, and our Naples Florida Oasis "A Private Paradise" are both just a mile from Venetian Village and Waterside Shops. Hop on one of the bikes that we provide and experience some of the best dining, shopping and beaches in Naples within minutes.

With prime season approaching, like many of my friends and other locals, I am venturing further from downtown to shop and dine while avoiding jam-packed traffic and parking near (admittedly gorgeous) Fifth Avenue. It’s good to branch out and explore new neighborhoods, and we picked the locations of our homes so that guests at the properties that we own and rent would have easy access to our favorite places like Waterside Shops and Venetian Village.

Tune in next week and the week after for Part 2 and Part 3 of this series – Beyond Fifth Avenue: The Best Locations to Rent in Naples Florida for Food and Shopping. Next week we will feature some of our favorite places in the exciting up-and-coming neighborhood of Bayshore (along with some local tips and tricks) and feature our exciting New Waterside Bungalow for 7/BBQ/Deck/Bring Pets.