Best Burgers in Naples, FL That You Have To Try

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Naples, Florida, is well-known for its beautiful beaches, high-end shopping, and gourmet eating options. But the city also has a thriving burger culture. Whether you're a local or just passing through, Naples provides burger options for every kind of burger lover.

Here we will travel through the center of this picturesque seaside town in search of the best burgers in Naples FL, from the traditional to the gourmet.

Traditional Burger Restaurants In Naples, Florida

Burgers come in a wide range of flavors, from the traditional cheeseburger to the spicy jalapeno burger and the tangy BBQ burger.

Vegans and vegetarians can choose from menu items like veggie burgers and black bean and portobello mushroom patties. Everyone can find a burger that suits their taste.

Lake Park Diner

Lake Park Diner is renowned for its tasty burgers. Their burgers, which are crafted using premium ingredients and cooked to perfection, are juicy and tasty. This diner is a must-see for burger lovers and Naples visitors.

Every burger fan may find something they enjoy at Lake Park Diner, whether it's a traditional cheeseburger or the bacon burger. The restaurant has a great ambiance, making it the best place to satisfy your burger needs in all of Naples, Florida.

Brooks Burgers and Dogs

A gourmet take on the traditional burger is available at Brooks Gourmet Burgers & Dogs. This popular eatery in the area serves burgers that taste like nothing you've ever had before. Their burger patties are grilled to perfection and produced with premium ground beef.

Their unique selling point is that you can add whatever toppings you want on your burger. Brooks is a flavor explosion that will satisfy your burger desires with its sautéed mushrooms, tangy aioli, and avocado slices.

Most Unique Burger Joints In Naples, Florida

You just need to think outside the box when it comes to the standard beef burger. From spicy black bean burgers to hearty portobello mushroom caps, there are countless options for those looking to explore beyond the typical beef patty.

Grilled chicken breasts or turkey burgers are great examples of leaner options that don't skimp on flavor. Plant-based substitutes like tofu or seitan can offer a unique and flavorful twist, appealing to both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

The Counter

The Counter is the place to be if you're in the mood for some imaginative food. You're in charge of the menu, and the options are up to you. Select your protein of choice from options like Angus beef, turkey, or even plant-based impossible patties to get started.

Then, customize your pizza with a variety of cheeses, sauces, and toppings, ranging from the common to the outlandish. At The Counter, you can create one of over a million different burgers every time you visit.

Riptide Brewing Company

Combine two beloved American pastimes—craft beer and burgers—at Riptide Brewing Company. This local gem not only offers a fantastic selection of craft brews but also serves up some of the most unique and mouth-watering burgers in town.

Try their "Surf & Turf Burger," featuring a succulent lobster tail atop a juicy patty, or the "Bahn Mi Burger," which infuses the flavors of Vietnam with savory beef and pickled vegetables. Riptide Brewing Company showcases how innovative burger combinations can make your taste buds dance.

Shula's Steak House

Shula's is known for its exceptional gourmet burgers. The "Don Shula Burger" is a royally delicious creation that includes a superbly seasoned patty, foie gras, black truffle aioli, and a brioche bun. It's like fancy dining with the familiarity of a good burger thrown in for good measure.

Where To Go For Vegan Burgers In Naples FL?

Vegan burgers are made with nutritious and tasty components like beans, grains, and vegetables. For individuals who prefer not to eat meat, plant-based burgers are a delicious and healthy alternative that can be enjoyed at home or at a restaurant.

The Local

The Local, a farm-to-table restaurant in Naples, serves a delicious vegan burger in addition to seafood and beef. The "Local Veggie Burger" is an edible work of art created entirely from regional produce.

This vegetarian burger is packed with flavor because of its combination of black beans, quinoa, and seasonal vegetables. It's a healthy treat that highlights Naples' dedication to eco-friendly and tasty cuisine, topped with greens, avocado, and vegan aioli.

Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is an upscale restaurant known for its ever-evolving seasonal menu, and its approach to vegan burgers is both creative and accommodating. While not exclusively vegan, they offer a carefully crafted vegan burger option that aligns with the current season's flavors and ingredients.

These vegan burgers are a testament to the restaurant's commitment to freshness and local sourcing. Each vegan patty is thoughtfully prepared with plant-based ingredients that reflect the restaurant's dedication to providing diverse and delicious choices for its vegan clientele, making it a destination for those seeking a more upscale vegan dining experience in Naples.

Seed to Table

Seed to Table is not just a grocery store but also a dining destination where vegans can find satisfying options, including vegan burgers. The store's commitment to offering locally sourced, fresh, and sustainable ingredients extends to its vegan burger offerings.

These burgers are more than just a menu item; they exemplify Seed to Table's dedication to providing wholesome plant-based choices. With flavorful vegan patties and a variety of toppings, Seed to Table's vegan burgers cater to discerning tastes, making it a convenient spot for vegans in Naples to enjoy a satisfying and sustainable meal.

Naples' Top-Secret Burger Joints – Insider Tip

These hidden burger restaurants aren't franchises like McDonald's or Wendy's, but rather local spots that have mastered the burger game. Get your burger-loving hat on and prepare to discover the best-kept secrets in burgers in Naples.

Jimmy P's Charred

Jimmy P's Charred is a popular restaurant that is known for its mouthwatering grilled meals. The restaurant is proud of its special burned cooking method, which gives its food a smoky, unique flavor.

The burgers at Jimmy P's Charred are one of the best things on the menu. These burgers are a must-try for anyone who likes smoky burgers. They come with everything on a toasted bun. You can get a simple cheeseburger or a gourmet burger with exotic toppings at Jimmy P's Charred.

Doreen's Cup of Joe

Doreen's Cup of Joe may look like any other diner in the area, but don't let that deceive you. Located on Marco Island, just a short drive from Naples, this cozy restaurant has a fantastic burger menu with options for everyone. The 'Surf & Turf Burger' mixes shrimp and a juicy patty for the best of both worlds, while the 'Cajun Burger' offers a fiery punch.

If you want to try something new, go for the "Ultimate Burger," which has bacon, avocado, and a fried egg on it. Doreen's Cup of Joe has even more choices, like the "Mushroom Swiss Burger" and the "Black Bean Burger," which are both vegetarian.

The burger culture in Naples city is very unique. Naples is home to appetizing burgers whether you prefer traditional fare, are looking to try something new, or are committed to a plant-based diet. You won't be able to get enough of the burgers at these restaurants, which range from gourmet masterpieces to off-the-beaten-path jewels.

So, when you visit Naples again, go on a burger quest for the best burgers in Naples, FL you might be led to unexpected delights. Your tongue will express its gratitude. For more tips on making Naples your perfect vacation, check out Dana’s Guide Naples.